Training sessions on brownfield rehabilitation

Training seminars are taking place in the partners’ territories addressed to the public employees and stakeholders focusing on different aspects of brownfield management.

In Venice, 4 training sessions were held in May and touched the following issues:

  • recent Italian regulation on the environmental management of polluted sites
  • presentation of case studies and best practices and remediation technologies
  • territorial marketing for industrial sites

    In Celje (Slovenia) the training course will be held next 15 June and will be focused on the use of web GIS tool for brownfield management developed within GreenerSites and on three different remediation methods for the brownfield Old Cinkarna in the city of Celje with an analysis of the environmental, financial and legal aspects linked to the remediation process.
    Next 13 June in Magdeburg there will be a Conference, entitled “Land Recycling in Saxony-Anhalt” organised by ISW and the Ministry of Regional Development and transport Saxony Anhalt.