Monitoring the air quality in Porto Marghera brownfield

One of the main issues of the Porto Marghera brownfield is the specific contamination of soil and groundwater deriving from the former petrochemical production, implying sanitary risks for population as well as serious hazard for Venice lagoon due to pollution of groundwater. The goal of the Pilot Action and Investment carried out by the Veneto Region is to implement the air quality monitoring network system in this brownfield, for a proper definition of the remediation process and to ensure the safety of the area.
These activities are now in full progress, thanks to the cooperation of ARPAV, the Regional Environmental Agency.   

The very first stage of the process was aimed at defining the soil gas reference level and the design of the monitoring system; now, after a second phase of consultations between ARPAV and the sites owners to agree on the installation of the sensor devices, the Pilot Action is in a key step.

Two campaigns of soil gas and open air measurement are being implemented: the 1st one is in process, with the already available equipment, whereas the 2nd one will take place in the next few months thanks to the new equipments purchased in the frame of GreenerSites.

Meeting with stakeholders (universities, large enterprises, business support organisations, professional orders, research bodies, sectoral agencies) are organized in cooperation with the City of Venice and the Port of Venice, the other partners working on the Porto Marghera brownfield site, to discuss and acquire feedback on the activities. 

Photo credits: Giorgio Bombieri, City of Venice