Local training in Bydgoszcz

Addressed to enterpreneus, investors and representatives of authorities in charge of environmental protection, inspection and administration.

Last 29 and 31 January, the City of Bydgoszcz organized the GreenerSites local training focussed on the contamination of post-industrial areas and conducted by experts of GIG, the Central Mining Institute in Katowice.
The training course was addressed both to entrepreneurs, especially owners of contaminated land and investors, and to representatives of authorities in charge of environmenta protection authorities, of environmental inspection and administration.
The 56 participants had the opportunity to face several issues, arranged in six discussion panels: law on historical land contamination, health risk, reclamation technologies, studies in practice, contaminant migration and, last but not least, the GreenerSites geo-information tool.

A short video on the local training is available in Homepage.