Zala County Government 

Zala County Government is the public authority responsible for developing and implementing energy policies e.g. EEP. 

Zala County Government (ZCG) is responsible for the Territorial and Settlement Development OP

2014-2020 in the county. One of the priorities is linked to a low-carbon economy. Within this priority the EE centred rehabilitation of the municipalities’ institutions can be implemented. As for the bilateral cross-border projects Zala County Government played an active role in the elaboration of the project, coordination of the implementation of the project and also the professional implementation in the following cases:

As leadpartner:

- HEALTHY (Slovenia-Hungary CBC Program)

As project partner:

- Our living heritage (Slovenia – Hungary CBC Program) Projects of Zala County Regional Development Agency Nonprofit Ltd. – which is owned by ZCG – in which ZCG had/has a considerable role in the coordination and implementation: DRAVA GEO (Hungary – Croatia CBC Program) LAMAPROM (Slovenia –Hungary CBC Program) Joint Planning CODE (Hungary – Croatia CBC Program)