VŠB - The Technical University Ostrava (VŠB - TUO) 

VŠB - The Technical University Ostrava (VŠB - TUO) acts as an important regional stakeholder and cooperates closely with the Regional and City Authorities providing strategic documents. VŠB - TUO has more than 20 years of experience in renewable resources and its mission is to support the reduction of the use of fossil fuels.

Biomass is the main priority of the applied research and researcher are developing technical equipment for biomass processing, which will provide the evaluation of new products. VŠB - TUO is actively involved in several projects focused on the innovative technology of combustion and small-scale biogas stations.

VŠB- TUO collaborates purposeffuly  with clusters, technologic platforms, SME associations,  SMEs with the regional chamber of commerce and electric energy producers (ČEZ).  VŠB - TUO  provides training for staff of public institutions focused on the commercialisation of innovative solutions in RES and its application in praxis. It has  implemented a  number of projects which are financed from national sources, and in addition to this will realise new solutions in RES.

VŠB - TUO coordinates the WPT3 “Economic added value of RES measures – value calculator”. VŠB - TUO will guide the definition of the value creation effects of RES regarding  taxes, incomes in municipalities and add specific local information. VŠB - TUO will provide analysis of the value creation chain and effects of typical RES. VŠB - TUO is  responsible for providing the value calculator that has been proposed as an online tool to support the broader implementation of RES and EE in rural regions, and thereby will increase their autonomy in the field of energy.  Therefore, there is training planned in the last year of project that will be also supervised by VŠB - TUO. VŠB - TUO will also intensively cooperate with the Local Support Group.