Calculator for Renewable Resources (LSG meeting in Ostrava)

The Chamber of Commerce and the Ostrava City are interested in the RES calculator.  Prof. Dagmar Juchelkova, Ph.D. and her team presented and discussed the establishment to support RES  projects and projects that shall enhance  energy efficiency. 

At the end of June just before the summer break the representatives of the Regional office of the Chamber of Commerce met with Prof. Dagmar Juchelkova, Ph.D. and her team to discuss the calculator that is one of the RURES project result. The fruitful discussion brought some interesting suggestions about the contend and also the procedure of the establishment of the calculator. MS Juchelková said:” The calculator is rather a complex tool and it  is designed for small rural regions, therefore we will indeed discuss the layout with the Mayors' Pact Association, City of Ostrava and Business Chamber. All opinions count, we are preparing the questionnaire to search the needs and priority and want to thank in advance for all who will participate.” The meeting took place on the 29th June. The day before on 28th June the calculator was presented to the City of Ostrava. The manager of the Environmental Department declared his support and interest to participate in the trail period.