RURES – TV media coverage in Croatia

Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. together with Regional Development Agency Medjimurje REDEA Ltd. is implementing project RURES - Promote the Sustainable Use of Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency in Rural Regions, funded from Interreg Central Europe programme, in Croatia, namely Medjimurje County. 

One of the main project activities is establishment of Local Support Groups (LSG) gathering most significant regional stakeholders in the EE and OIE sector as well as local and regional decision makers from the municipalities.

Three LSG meetings have been held in Medjimurje County so far, the first where the LSG was established, the second where we identified four relevant measures from the current Energy Efficiency Action Plan for Medjimurje County and now, the third one where the members of the LSG choose two measures for which the feasibility studies funded through the project will be created. The sole choosing of the measures was performed based on the SWOT analysis made for each of them and secret voting after the elaboration and the discussion. The measures defined for the making of the feasibility studies are enhancement of the energy efficiency of public building and enhancement of energy efficiency of public lighting.

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