RUMOBIL - Mid-term evaluation & study trip

On February 22nd 2018, a Mid-term evaluation meeting among Interreg Central Europe Joint Secretariat and RUMOBIL partners was held at Trebič in Czech Republik. The focus of this one-day meeting was to evaluate achieved tasks and give strategic inputs for further coordination and cooperation among partners.

Welcome speech and introduction was divided between representatives of Vysocina Region, hosts of event, and also WP M, WP T1, WP T2 and WP C leaders. The goal was to present overall assessment of the most recent state of play of project implementation. Also progress done towards project specific objectives and expected results as well as align all tasks according to work plan. WP leaders elaborated with JS representatives about forthcoming project activities, partner’s responsibilities, financial achievements and overall project progress but on the other hand, received valued advices and suggestion on how to improve further actions.

Insights to the RUMOBIL Pilot project in the Vysocina Region was last on agenda and partners from Vysocina Region has presented new public bus transport services in order to better connect rural areas after which a guided tour of Trebič city centre was coordinated.

Trebič 1
Trebič 2
Trebič 3
Trebič 4
Trebič 5
Trebič 6
Trebič 7