Work Package 2: RI Road Maps


WPT2 focuses on the development of Road Maps for mainstreaming Responsible Innovation (RI) in ROSIE partner territories and in the Central Europe area. This is a horizontal WP running for the whole project duration and building on the activities of all the other technical WPs.

The key outputs are 9 local Road Maps for ROSIE pilot areas and 1 Road Map for Central Europe, resulting from 3-year exchange and cooperation with quadruple-helix stakeholders at local level and among project partners at transnational level.

WPT2 builds on a complex set of activities bridging local discussion and transnational exchange and all phases are conducted engaging key players in the innovation chain. The key activities of WPT2 are:

  • Quadruple Helix Stakeholder Engagement: based on stakeholder mapping activities at project outset, each partner creates a group of stakeholders that is engaged in road-mapping activities, to provide input to RI mainstreaming and guarantee sustainability and transfer.
  • Development of First RI Road Maps: following a common template developed by WP leader (LP) and discussed within the consortium, a first version of local Road-Maps is released and peer reviewed at transnational project meetings;
  • Transnational Exchange and Capitalisation:  partners, associated partners and quadruple helix stakeholders exchange knowledge and transfer results from local pilots (WPT3), by participating in transnational study visits. Exchange at study visit brings local pilots to transnational level and provides input to Road Maps. The ROSIE study visits were held in Milan (IT) in October 2018, in Lublin (PL) in April 2019 and in Nova Gorica (SI) in October 2019.
  • Development of Final RI Road Maps: using results from Pilot Actions (WT3), study visits, exchange and review sessions partners update their First Road Maps to mid/long-term RI action plans for their territories. They define a Road Map for RI is Central Europe, with recommendations for a Central Europe approach to RI.

Outputs & Deliverables

Road Map