VIRI Meeting

On 4-5 October 2018 took place the 4th annual VIRI meeting in Szeged (Hungary). The event was hosted by the First Hungarian Responsible Innovation Association. There were participants from all over the world: from Australia to the US. Altogether 4 experts discussed the current topics of responsible research and innovation.

The Virtual Institute for Responsible Innovation (VIRI) was created by the Arizona State University (USA) to accelerate the formation of a community of scholars and practitioners who, despite divides in geography and political culture, will create a common concept of responsible innovation for research, training and outreach The Institute is comprised of 27 academic institutions and non-profit organizations across the globe.

In this meeting (see the agenda), the EMFIE-team could introduce the ROSIE project to the participants. Beáta Udvari gave a short introduction to the ROSIE project (Central Europe). Bea presented to the participants the basic information about the ROSIE project. In her presentation she detailed the background and the most important goals of the project and talked about the training materials (including infographics) that were prepared in the project and invited the participants to the ROSIE project website. The participants of the event also looked at the summary video of the ROSIE project. Finally, Beata encouraged the participants to visit ROSIE website for more information.

As a further result, we can say that the entire VIRI membership has known the ROSIE project because the presentations have been uploaded to the password protected database of the VIRI network.

VIRI meeting