VDV initiated data hub for rail freight transport


"A common data platform - Rail Freight Data Hub - is to be launched to strengthen the competitiveness of freight railways against growing intermodal competition. Oliver Wolff, CEO of VDV said at the digital VDV annual conference 2020: “Freight transport by rail is predestined for more standardization and digitization. The industry is currently not exploiting its potential and we have a heterogeneous state of the art: some companies have digitized their processes and made them machine-readable, others work with manual processes. In other economic sectors, tracking shipments and a reliable arrival forecast is standard. Our goal is to increase the quality of services, accelerate processes and minimize the error rate. ”The platform is supported by companies and should be used across the industry. The VDV is now working with the member companies of rail freight transport to create the prerequisites for establishing a company in the next phase that will advance this task."

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