Did you know that although Central Europe is facing strong growth in traffic volume, the total volume of freight moved by rail has decreased significantly over the past few decades? Current forecasts predict that by 2030 there will be a significant increase in freight volume, and this expected growth in traffic on the streets will raise serious transport and environmental problems. To reverse this negative trend, huge investments are underway with a focus on the main rail corridors. Complementary to this initiative the REIF project aims at increasing the modal share of rail freight transport through mitigation measures for the regional rail feeder system. 
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2021 Year of Rail

2021 is the european year of rail!

Rail connects people and businesses across the EU and beyond. It supports EU's efforts, under the European Green Deal, to become a climate-neutral continent by 2050 and to pave the way for a new era of smart mobility. 

To shine a light on rail's key role for EU economy, industry and society at large, the  EU declared 2021 the European Year of Rail.




BMVI promotes new funding for rail freight transport

The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is launching new funding for rail freight transport. Automated and digitized maneuvering and braking processes are tested on the "Test field train formation system of the future" in Munich-North.



New issue of Luški Glasnik features the REIF project

The new issue of Luški Glasnik for November 2020 features an article about the REIF project on page 8.



REIF presented at ESTECO User Meeting Conference

The Port of Trieste presented the REIF project and one of it's pilot actions at the physical and virtual conference of the ESTECO User Meeting, organised by the ESTECO.

15.05.2019 - Today



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Promote regional rail freight transport, as well as improve coordination among freight transport stakeholders in order to increase and improve mulitmodal environmentally-friendly freight solutions.


Reverse the negative reduction trends of freight transport and services in Central Europe through the development of coordinated strategies, concepts and management tools which contribute to the improvement of multimodality of environmentally-friendly freight transport.

Main goal:

Optimize individual regional transport modes and their combinations in multi-modal freight transport chains, as well as change the transport patterns by providing efficient, coordinated services linking all actors of the transport and infrastructure chain.

Main actions:

- Focus on regional rail freight feeder infrastructure and services.
- Focus on the accessibility of TEN-T corridor for greener and safer means of transportation.
- Set the course for good regional governance in promoting rail freight transport in project partner's territories
- Pave the way for designing and implementing future freight transport infrastructure by strengthening capacities in multimodal logistics management.
- Sustain gained know-how in the institutions, as well as train the staff.

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Project Partners

Project REIF has 10 project partners from 6 central European countries, as well as 10 associated partners.

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