1 - Support tools and schemes for deep renovation & construction of public buildings

2 - Building capacity of local and regional stakeholders 

  • D.T2.4.1 Analysis of current national and regional/local renovation strategies
    The document provides an analysis of nZEB policies in three CE target countries (Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary) at different levels of governance in order to see what public authorities have done so far with implementation of the EPBD on strategic level.
  • D.T2.4.3 Position paper on nZEB policies in Central Europe
    The document presents opinion of eCentral partnership about nZEB policies and recommendations to amend them aiming to help removal of barriers for its uptake. The position paper is based on the outcomes of former deliverables of eCentral and on the expertise of knowledge partners of eCentral partnership, extended with the results of a survey conducted to have a larger overview to Central Europe countries, which are Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, as well as part of Germany and Italy.
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