Project main objective

Project main objective: To improve the capability of regions to utilize and manage cultural heritage of old trades and crafts in an innovative manner by the inclusion of the youth as the key social group to ensure the professional, economically sound therefore sustainable use of this cultural heritage segment in a dynamic age. CENTRAL overall goal: YouInherit offers value-conscious, yet innovative solutions striving for both social and economic sustainability:

  • Involving youth contributes to fighting unemployment among young people, ready to leave CE;
  • the project aims to make cultural heritage more attractive and become a key economic driver.

Working locally with promising business perspectives, young people full of ideas and potentials will enrich local communities. CENTRAL priority specific objective: YouInherit aims to improve the capacities of regions to use cultural heritage of crafts in a sustainable manner. It enables stakeholders to apply market driven approaches relying on young innovative people. They are not simply to discover and understand old trades-related heritage but also to join in as active participants (in public / private sector and NGOs) of heritage preservation and management bringing in fresh and marketable ideas and a new business mindset. Jointly elaborated and tested support measures contribute to transforming old trades into creative businesses and open new perspectives for talented youth, ensuring the sustainability of results.