Project kick-off meeting, Ljubljana

Date: July 08 to 10, 2019

The first meeting for project CerDee took place on July 8 to 10, 2019 at the National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana. A representative from all project partners came together to discuss the planning and implementation phases for CerDee. The 2-day meeting was launched by Barbara Ravnik, Director, National Museum of Slovenia. The Agenda of the meeting included welcome note from the Director, Lead Partner Porzellanikon, Wilhelm Siemen. He stated CerDee's mission and detail objectives. The following discussions involved information on project implementation under Work Package Management by Dr. Jana Göbel.

Partners presented their projection of the project activities in various work packages, such as roll out to entrepreneurs and education of future entrepreneurs under WP3, Planning and piloting innovative marketing strategies under WP4. The day 1 ended with group discussion lead by Dr. Jana Göbel.

The 2nd day of the meeting started off with a brainstorming process for the Communication Work Package, followed by transnational capacity assessment under WP 1. Later on, a press conference was held at the National Museum of Slovenia on the occasion of the launch of the CerDee project.

The next steering group meeting will take place in St. Pölten on the 21st and 22nd of November 2019.

Project Partners