Project RURES dissemniated at international conference in Ptuj

On Wednesday and Thursday, March 21st and 22nd 2018, in Ptuj, Slovenia, international conference of the ZeroCO2 project which is funded by Interreg Europe programme, has been held. One of the project partners in the named project are our Slovenian colleagues from Local Energy Agency Spodnje Podravje from Ptuj who the host of the conference was as well.


The objective of the ZeroCO2 project is to, alongside the definition of nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB), in strategic and planning documents on EU as well as on national level insert also the definition of nearly zero CO2 emission buildings.

Since the theme of the conference and of the project itself is tightly linked to our project RURES - Promote the Sustainable Use of Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency in Rural Regions, we were invited to present the same as a good practice example of conducting of EE and RES policies in rural area. Thus, Maja Bratko, expert associate at MENEA, on Thursday during the conference program, presented the main characteristics of the project RURES, its’ objectives, activities and pilot investments which will be financed through the same. The participants of the conference were very interested with the activities and the implementation of the project itself so, after the official part, additional questions were raised and potential implementational measures and projects were suggested.

Project RURES is being implemented through Interreg Central Europe programme and MENEA is one of the 11 project partners coming from 6 different Central Europe countries. Beside MENEA, one more project partner from Croatia is included in the project implementation, Regional Development Agency Medjimurje REDEA Ltd.