Poprad - Project Title

Deployment of a Web-GIS Platform for the integrated monitoring of changes and modifications in a HBA

Testing activity of ICT tool, inserting data to monitor the interactions related to energy saving interventions proposed by private individal subjetcs as well as public authorities, to support optimizations and positive interactions



  • Provide information about problematic (overheated) public spaces to be renovated
  • Provide information about energy consupmtion of public and other buidings
  • Monitoring success of applied measures


  • Editors: City of Poprad (level 2)
  • Users: architects, engineers, regular citizens (level 1)


  • Public spaces: dron thermovision
  • Buildings: manual database input


  • Spatial database of building with information about energy consumption
  • Raster infrared map with timeline


  • Automatic update via smart sensors in public spaces (lamps, e.g.)
  • Automatic update via smart heating system in public buildings
  • Realtime risk alert (critical temperature reached) for users
  • Realtime emergency breakdown alert