Pilot project of City of Leisnig

It is foreseen to install a ventilation system with a heat recovery system in a public owned sports center. It has a ground space of 633 m², air volume of 7.500m³, current demand of 4.900 kWh/a and heat energy demand of 64.000 kWh/a.

It is currently heated by a gas heating system and it is under partially utilization as requested by the schools and the other users during the week. The pilot project consists of the ventilation system with a heat exchanger for reducing the energy losses between the warm interior air and cold exterior air during the ventilation process. The heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) can be established as stand-alone device that operate unfortified or as part of an exciting heat-ventilation and air condition system. The HRV technology will be designed as rotation or plate heat exchanger with an air-to-air or earth-to-air systems. Heat exchange can be managed by different flow arrangements (parallel flow, counter flow, cross-flow).

The concrete technology will be researched and planned within the pre-investment concept and the dimension of the system is depending on the DIN18032-1 as regulation for planning “sport centres - halls and rooms with multi-purpose use”.