Pilot in Austria

The Pilot Action, which was implemented by Climate Alliance Austria (CAA) was a soft measure in form of a Walking Competition. With the, so called Walking Award CAA pursued the goal to increase short travel trips done by foot and to decrease number of short travel trips done by car. With the walking competition campaign, CAA invited participants to count their steps over a period of four weeks. All employees who reached at least 60.000 steps were allowed to participate on prize draw. Participants were allowed to count all steps from Monday to Friday. Three of four Austrian municipalities Baden, Leoben and Mödling participated on the Walking Award, so that, not only individual persons, but also the municipalities where in competition with each other. Before CAA started the Walking-Award- Competition with the employees in September 2018, they implemented campaign actions like experts’ lectures on health aspects of walking & cycling and mobility quizzes for promoting the Walking Award and to raise the awareness in this context of sustainable mobility.

The implementation of the whole campaign can be described in five phases: development of the campaign, its promotion, implementation of the Walking Competition, evaluation of the competition & Award Ceremonies. This pilot measure was proposed in two Action plans of Workplace mobility plan, namely of the city of Baden  and Mödling.

Pilot in AT

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