The pilot action on "Vouchers for developed Solutions of the Research Project - related to COVID-19" was successfully completed - find more information on the results in the following news article...>> READ MORE - SYNERGY PILOT ACTION RELATED TO COVID-19 - WINNER 1ST ROUND... 

This SYNERGY team is carrying out the pilot action Vouchers for developed Solutions of the Research Project related to COVID-19 on the new Synergic Crowd Innovation Platform (SCIP) in order to support the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in Central Europe. The aim of this pilot action is to join forces between all actors that are involved in this emergency situation from the key project areas of Additive Manufacturing and 3D-Printing, Micro- and Nanotechnologies and Industry 4.0. 


Crowd innovation as a revolutionary process for research and innovation projects’ development which can help in the fight against the Covid-19.

By matching innovative ideas - Industry 4.0, Additive Manufacturing and Micro-Nano Technologies - with specific technical competences, the SYNERGY platform has created an opportunity for all the actors involved in the Covid-19 emergency to receive direct support from the research and industry communities in a quick and simple way. Discover how the platform works! 

What We Offer 

With our pilot action we want to pool the best ideas and competences via our SYNERGY platform in order to reduce the consequences of the corona virus in Central Europe. We open our partner networks and aim at establishing fruitful collaborations via our pilot action to jointly create urgently needed solutions in the Covid-19 emergency situation. 

Challenge Givers have the opportunity to present a problem related to the Covid-19 emergency situation on the SYNERGY platform. Possible challenges include a need for a new or improved component/equipment/service or a need for specific research competences, skills or research activities. Solution Providers will present their solutions on the proposed challenges via the SYNEDRGY platform in order to jointly elaborate common solutions to problems and deficiencies resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We offer five vouchers to be used for services to the value of 3.000 EUR each to the best reseach plans that will be presented! Find more info below...

Participate in the Pilot Action 

The target groups of this pilot action are representatives from large enterprises, SMEs, higher education and research organizations, health service organizations, public bodies and general public. 

Challenge Givers
If you are a company (LE & SMEs & start-ups), university, public entity or a research institute/group involved in the Covid-19 emergency, the platform gives you the opportunity to present your research idea and needs and to look for solutions, specific competences and partners for collaboration.

1. Register on the SYNERGY platform 
2. Upload your research project and needs on the platform by June 21st
3. (A) Solution provider(s) will contact you to join forces and elaborate a Research Plan by June 22nd 
Solution Providers
If you are a research team, fablab, company (LE&SMEs) or a researcher with technical expertise, contribute with your competences to achieve a project’s goal and join a research team.

1. Register on the SYNERGY platform 
2. Look at the uploaded projects and join a research team! Add your competences and contact the challenge giver. 
3. Join forces with the challenge giver and elaborate a Research Plan by June 22nd. Please use the following research plan template
SYNERGY Pilot Action on Vouchers for developed Solutions of the Research Project, Image Source: SYNERGY Project

Process of Vouchers for developed Solutions of the Research Project Pilot Action

Win A Voucher 

Five vouchers to the value of up to 3.000 EUR will be assigned to the best research plans and can be used by the research team to acquire useful services to achieve their project’s goal. 

2 rounds of evaluation:
1) 1st round of evaluation from May 17th,  3 vouchers will be distributed 
2) 2nd round of evaluation from June 22nd, 2 vouchers will be distributed 

Vouchers will be allocated to solution providers and must be used specifically for paying services useful to reach the challenge’s results. The allocation of vouchers is managed according to the state aid and de minimis rule. You can find further info at this link: State aid and the de minimis rules in terms of vouchers assignment procedure

April-May 2020: Pilot Action on Vouchers for developed Solutions of the Research Project - Invitation:

Invitation Pilot Action on Vouchers for developed Solutions of the Research Project (English) 

Contact Information: 
If you have any questions, you can contact us via the following e-mail address synergy@pwr.edu.pl or via the communication functions on the platform https://synergyplatform.pwr.edu.pl/