Online Pilot Action "Rent-A-Robot and Infrastructure Sharing"

The pilot action on "Rent-A-Robot and Infrastructure Sharing" was successfully completed - find more information on the results in the following news article...>> READ MORE - WINNER SYNERGY RENT-A-ROBOT PILOT ACTION...

Do you have an infrastructure that you would like to use better?  Do you want to test innovative equipment?  Are you looking for new technologies?

From January - March 2020, the SYNERGY Project team is carrying out the Online Pilot Action "Rent-A-Robot / Infrastructure Sharing" bringing together infrastructure providers with potential infrastructure takers to develop joint infrastructure solutions in the thematic areas of Additive Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and Micro-& Nanotechnology. Current infrastructure providers comprise companies, research institutions and universities across Europe which are listed and can accessed via the SynPro IT-Tool within the recently published Synergic Crowd Innovation Platform.

Challenge - Investing in an infrastructure / novel technology

  1. How can we use the equipment properly
  2. How can we apply the technology in our company or research organization?
  3. How can we ensure that the infrastructure is fully used

What We Offer

Sharing information about your infrastructure gives you the opportunity to better use and commercialize your technology. For those looking for new technologies, machines and equipment, sharing your infrastructure gives you the opportunity to test your infrastructure cheaply, without having to invest in equipment. The SYNERGY Crowd Innovation Platform facilitates the matchmaking between infrastructure providers and takers from companies, research institutions and universities to create joint infrastructure projects & problem-solving solutions.

Participate in this Pilot Action

Representative from Higher Education & Research, Large Enterprises, SMEs, Start-ups, Business Support Organisations, Student Groups, General Public are cordially invited to take part in this Pilot Action. You can decide whether you want to rent the infrastructure, promote it during practical workshops, offer it in combination with a research service or use the infrastructure of other entities.

  1. Create an an account on the SynPro IT-Tool
  2. Add your infrastructure OR Search for available infrastructures

Infrastructure Givers
Enter the information on  your available infrastructure / equipment and technology information into our Crowd Innovation Platform until 15th January/February 2020 making it available for potential & interested infrastructure takers adhering to described user conditions.

Infrastructure Takers
Have a look at the available infrastructures / equipment and technology information on our Crowd Innovation Platform that matches your requirements. Submit a user request for your research idea via the Platform until 31st March 2020 and get matched to jointly realise your idea. 

Rent-A-Robot & Infrastructure Sharing


  • Promote your technology and competences in an international environment
  • Increase the use of your infrastructure
  • Increase your turnover, reduce costs by sharing infrastructure
  • Test a new business model based on the economy of sharing
  • Generate novel partnerships & cooperations for your business / research activities

Win A Voucher

Win a voucher up to the value of 5.000 EUR for the best infrastructure sharing project (solution providers & infrastructure takers). Vouchers can be used for different services such as consultancy, training, business plan, law service, market analysis, renting, research ordering etc. 

January-March 2020 : Online Pilot Action "Rent-A-Robot / Infrastructure Sharing" - Invitations

Contact Information: 
If you have any questions, you can contact us via the following e-mail address or via the communication functions on the platform