Virtual partner meeting and transnational webinar

11-13 May 2020

The Transnational Webinar titled “Methods and use cases for data-based planning of energy efficient public transport infrastructure” took place on 13 May 2020, which was a joint event with another INTERREG CE project, LOWCARB. There were over 80 participants. After an introduction about the two projects by Marlene Damerau from Rupprecht Consult (ppt), the first part covered the usefulness of data-based planning for public transport, with three presenters:

The second section was about how to plan for energy efficient trolleybus infrastructure and the presenters were:


Photo: Simon Nyírő (BKK)

  • Dr. Wolfgang Backhaus from Rupprecht Consult who started this section with the trolley:2.0 project presentation (ppt), which was followed by
  • Erik Lenz from Kiepe introduced the idea of the self-learning bus (ppt);
  • Dr. Ádám Németh from the Szeged Transport Company and the data-based trolleybus network planning (ppt);
  • Jan Röhl from Kruch talked about digital “twinning”, which is a method for collecting trolleybus data (ppt);
  • Balázs Fejes from BKK Centre for Budapest Transport discussed the question how to decide on vehicle technology (trolleybus vs. battery electric bus) for local investments in Budapest (ppt) and
  • Jiří Kohout from Pilsen City Public Transport Company answered to the question why Pilsen chose to widen the trolleybus network (ppt).

Photo: Balázs Fejes (BKK)

The whole webinar can be watched HERE.

Prior to the webinar, 25 people from 12 partners gathered online to hold the second EfficienCE partner meeting. On the first day, partners presented their status on the project. While most of the pilot partners were not affected dramatically by the pandemic situation, they had to adjust the timing within the project. During the wrap-up, many partners shared how public transport services reacted to and suffered from COVID-19: in all reported cases PT companies lost approx. 80% of their passengers causing a big financial loss.


Photo: Balázs Fejes (BKK)

The second day was dedicated to working sessions where the partners discussed their action plans. We concluded with looking into the future, i.e. the third reporting period.

Unfortunately, the situation did not allow for an on-site visit due to COVID-19. We hope that the next partner meeting will take place in the offline space.

Background photo: Simon Nyírő (BKK)