Fourth Partner Meeting in Frýdlant, Czech Republic

The next TRANS-BORDERS partner meeting will take place on 09th and 10th April 2019 in Frýdlant (Czech Republic). We will gather the progress of working of our partners within the last half year.

Our Czech partner KORID LK, spol.r.o., the leading public transport planning institution of Liberec region, organizes a promotional trip through the border triangle of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic for the partner meeting. The journey will start with a train ride from Frýdlant (Czech Republic) to the Polish town of Zawidów and then on to the German border town of Görlitz. In Görlitz itself a stay is planned, with which a press conference will take place.

Route Promo Ride

The next stop of our trip will be Zittau. From where we will take the bus, in path of intended cross-border bus line, back to Frýdlant to finish our tour through the border triangle.