Padova Chamber of commerce

Italian Chambers of Commerce Industry Handicraft and Agriculture are public bodies that perform functions of general interest for the business system, focusing on development of local economies. They are all independent bodies as each Chamber defines its own political programme and is independent from a financial and management point of view. All Chambers are part of a network structure based on a Regional and National system which provides real-time data generated by each individual Chamber throughout the national territory.

The functions and services proposed can be divided into 4 main categories:

- Administration services: archiving and updating of the Italian legal Business Registers.

- Promotional services: support for businesses, new companies and local economy development.

- Monitoring, studies, and analysis of local economy data, collected from and provided to businesses.

- Market regulatory functions: to promote and increase transparency, confidence and equity amongst businesses and between businesses and the general public.

Padova Chamber of commerce was founded in 1811. It supports and promotes services of interest to the enterprises located in the province of Padova. More specifically, it promotes activities that focus on encouraging entrepreneurial activities, offers training courses and also aims at fostering innovation. It also focusses on targeted activities that aim to boost the economic development of the area and the level of competitiveness of the local business system at a domestic and international level (also through its special agency for internationalization, Padova Promex), enhancing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the territory, dealing with tourism and culture.