We're sharing experiences and transfering knowledge! This page is dedicated to the "replicant partners" workshops that we have organized between March and May 2021 in order to deepen mechanism and technicalities. The replicant parters are a group of interested partners that have signed up for this training course through an open call.
Workshops have been open to the public.

*Download here the 7 workshops descriptions* | *Here you can find all workshops presentations in PDF*


1st workshop - Energy planning and energy transition | March 18th | European Center for Renewable Energy Güssing (EEE)

2nd workshop - Energy efficiency in buildings | March 24th | Mazovia Energy Agency (MAE)

3rd workshop - Financing energy efficiency | April 15th | Piemonte Region

4th workshop - Sustainable transport | April 22nd | Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP)

5th workshop - Integrated energy systems and RES | April 30th | Energy Management Agency (APE FVG) and Autonomous Region FVG

6th workshop - Energy grid and infrastructures | May 6th | University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal (HSMD)

7th workshop - Stakeholders engagement and the role of consumers | May 18th | AACM Central Europe