Workshop for replicant partners: Energy efficiency in buildings

Workshop targeted to replicant partners
Organized by Polish project partner Mazovia Energy Agency. For information on how to participate, mail


9:00 Welcome and introductions by Silvio De Nigris (Piemonte Region) and Żaneta Latarowska (Mazovia Energy Agency)

9:10 Croatian building stock renovation: are we reaching the goal? by Toni Borković (Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar)
9:25 Why is one-stop-shop an efficient instrument to trigger home energy retrofit? The RenoHUb project model by Zsuzsanna Koritar (Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute)
9:40 TARGET-CE project - Capitalization of CE projects by Fabio Remondino (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
9:55 Example of deep renovation in buildings  - Polish case study by Jacek Pastuszka (Project energy)
10:05 Energy efficiency in public buildings, building typology (TBC) by Slavisa Jelisic (LIR Evolution)  (TBC)
10:15 CasaClima certification system by Ulrich Klammsteiner (CasaClima Agency)

10:25 Q&A session

10:35 Round table, brainstorming session on possible project ideas, cooperation, import some solutions | Moderator: Żaneta Latarowska (Mazovia Energy Agency)