Two case studies at 4th capacity building

...and a welcome speech from the Minister for Enviroment, Agriculture and Energy of Saxony-Anhalt, Prof. Claudia Dalbert!

On December the 4th we organized PROSPECT2030's 4th Capacity-building workshop, centered on Energy scenario assessment.

Prof. Dalbert reminded us that the Covid-19 crisis should not push back other crisis - first of all, the climate crisis.
Martin Stötzer from the Ministry showed us the Hydrogen strategy conceived as an action to decarbonize the Land of Saxony-Anhalt.

Two case studies were presented during the workshop: in the first one, Francesco Locatelli from the energy management agency APE FVG presented a best practice from an alpine cummunity in northern Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy), for which the modelling tool LEAP had been used for modelling regional energy systems.
In the second one, M. Božićević Vrhovčak from EIHP institute talked about the scenario assessment in the national energy and climate plan for the republic of Croatia (2021-2030).

The workshop continued with a round table - on developing regional energy action plans - conducted by Manfred Hotwagner from the Austrian partner Eco-EnergyLand.

The recording will soon be available on our online training package!

Workshop agenda:
13:00          Welcome speech

Prof. Dr. C. Dalbert (Minister for Enviroment, Agriculture and Energy of Saxony-Anhalt)

13:10 Multi criteria planning methodology to decarbonize energy systems

Dr. P. Lombardi (HSMD)


13:50 Hydrogen strategy as action to decarbonize the land of Saxony-Anhalt Dr. M. Stötzer (MULE)
14:10 - Break  
14:25 Scenario assessment: tools and best practice from an alpine community in Italy Mr. F. Locatelli (APE FVG)
14:40 Scenario Assessment: Croatian Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan Miss. M. Božićević Vrhovčak  (EIHP)
14:55 - Break  
15:10 Round Table: developing REAP Moderator: Mr. M. Hotwagner
16:30 - End of meeting

Prof. Dalbert video

Picture from Saxony Anhalt's project video: