PPI2Innovate InfoDay - Lublin

10th of February 2017 a PPI2Innovate Regional InfoDay in Lublin, Poland took place. The aim of the meeting was to raise awareness about the project across all target groups in the region. Participants from 33 institutions, interested in the topic of innovation procurements attended this local event. In particular, there were representatives of public authorities, public service providers, public and private universities and business support organizations.

During the meeting they were familiarized with the PPI2Innovate project, including its objective and main activities and products, as well as with a context of innovation procurements in strategic documents of Lubelskie Voivodeship. Furthermore, PPI and PcP were described in regard to the Polish context on the basis of last research on innovation procurements conducted by a Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

The event was jointly organized with a 1,5-day workshop on applying public procurement law including transposed EU directives aiming to support local economy, which was organized within the project „Creating a Good Local Economy through procurement“, co-finenced under the URBACT III programme.

 At the beginning of the Regional InfoDay the Deputy Mayor of Lublin, Krzysztof Komorski, welcomed participants. Then Dorota Skwarek, Deputy Head of the Economy and Foreign Cooperation Department, Marshall Office of Lubelskie Voivodeship, told about strategic directions of the Lubelskie region in regard to innovation as a key driver of local and regional development, as well as trends which have to be addressed jointly by public and business actors from the region. The PPI2Innovate project was mentioned as a good and at the same time the only initiative in the region facing present societal challenges by using innovations through public procurements.

A short presentation of the project was provided by Andrii Myrovych, the PP2Innovate local project manager.

The final part of the event was dedicated to a more detailed review of a PPI and PcP related topic in the Polish context. The presentation was delivered by Maja Wasilewska, an expert from Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, a government agency responsible for creating the environment supporting economic operators.