Croatian Geological Survey, Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, Croatia

Project Partner 8

Croatian geological survey (HGI-CGS) is the foremost public research institute in the field of geosciences and geological engineering, with 40 PhD, 4 MSc and 28 Mag. Eng. researchers in Croatia. HGI-CGS is the unique geological scientific research institute performing systematic and standardized geological investigations (geological mapping, hydrogeological, engineering geological and geochemical exploration, as well as description of the mineral and geothermal resources) and acquisition of geological data over the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia. It also collects and distributes geological information to economy, public administration, scientific community, and to the public in general through the Geology information System (GEOLIS) based on modern and compatible GIS technologies (WEB services). Beside scientific research, the institute provides consulting services for private companies and stakeholders in the above mentioned areas. The company has three departments: Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, Department of Mineral Resources and Department of Geology, which has laboratories for hydrochemical, engineering geological and geochemical measurements. HGI-CGS collaborates with many institutions of similar affiliation, organizations and faculties in the country and neighbouring countries.

In the project PROLINE-CE, Croatian Geological Survey will participate in all work packages. HGI-CGS will coordinate the peer review process of the best management practices related to the protection of drinking water recharge areas and the elaboration of the guidelines on integration of the identified best management practices, on the regional, national and transnational level. In Croatia, the project panel discussions and national workshops will be organized in order to contribute to the project results as well as the transfer of knowledge on local and national level, as well as HGI-CGS will make efforts for raising awareness of students. In two pilot cases in karst areas of southern Dalmatia, actions and field investigations will be done by HGI-CGS.

Contact Person: Josip Terzić