Bavarian State Institute for Forestry and Silviculture; Department of Silviculture and Mountain Forest, Germany

Associated Partner 14

The Bavarian State Institute of Forestry (LWF) is a special agency within the Bavarian Forestry Administration that supports the forestry department of the Bavarian State Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and its regional offices. The institute employs approximately 180 people. An organizational structure based on eight departments and short lines of communication enables to work with great efficiency. Our research teams are made up of graduate forestry staff, active foresters with many years of experience, and specialists from other disciplines. The main task is applied research and development work as the basis for a sustainable, competitive, environmental and socially responsible forest management. The institute´s knowledge is shared with the forest practice and the public to obtain and strengthen the multiple functions of the forest. In the scientific research constant contact with practitioners at the grassroots level is maintained.

The department of silviculture and mountain forest is an associated partner in the project and will take part at the project meetings as an expert in managing of forests in catchment areas to share knowledge related to silvicultural interventions in riparian forests. Especially LWF supports the project partners by offering information about flood tolerance of tree species, thinning methods and methods of natural and artificial regeneration of riparian forests to mitigate flood impacts. LWF will support to draft a universal guideline, which shows the facts and methods of a water protection forest management to secure drinking water resources.

Contact Person: Franz Binder