The pilot in the Brno territory focused on the role of education in promoting GCHs, on the involvement of children, youth and families, to promote intergenerational transfer of knowledge and reinforce the sense of belonging to the community. The objective was to improve the capacity of local administrators to design and implement initiatives that bring GCHs into the schools and the canteens to allow students, families, teachers, and school managers to become active actors in protecting GCHs and in improving the awareness and the use by a larger audience.

The actions included in the pilot were: translation and local adaptation of the Slow Food Taste education kit “To the Origins of Taste” for teachers, to be used for taste education workshops; “Taste the season” consisted of creating and publishing seasonal menus for chefs and school cooks, using local ingredients and traditional recipes; the online and printed “Farm and local products catalogue” to help in connecting chefs to local producers;  the “See and taste the biodiversity of our region” activity dedicated to a tasting exhibition of seasonal fruits and vegetables of the South Moravian Region; the “Taste South Moravia from Farm to Fork” activity to offer practical, hands-on workshops for children and other participants, to show and teach traditional cooking, food preparation and food preserving techniques; other outdoor educational activities included a School Farmers’ Market, where several Brno based schools presented the products of their educational, gardening and cooking workshops.