Opolskie Centre for Economy Development (OCRG)

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The Opolskie Centre for Economy Development (OCRG) was created in 2007 by the Self-Governement of Opolskie Voivodeship, a non-metropolitan industrial region, home to ca. 1 mio. Inhabitants. Main economic branches – in the past and still today – are the construction-, automotive-, machine- and metal industry, as well as the chemical-, fertilizer-, and furniture industry. The region’s economy has been undergoing substantial transformation since the ‘90s. Some traditional companies have not survived the restructuring process. New companies have developed since, using the available knowledge, skills and sites – often based on the tangible and intangible remains of the industrial past. The main tasks of OCRG is to create favorable conditions for a competitive and innovative economy in the region. OCRG is the intermediate body for implementing the Regional Operational Programmes for entrepreneurs. Additionally, OCRG is the managing institution of Regional Innovation Strategy Implementation. The institution encourages the set-up of incubators, clusters, scientific, technological and industrial parks. Recently OCRG has engaged in the field of innovation support together with other regional actors (universities, NGOs).

This successful approach will be shared in InduCult2.0, but also extended towards creative economy as well as innovation history. OCRG will draw on cooperation with LAGs, tourist associations and departments for tourism and culture of the Marshall’s Office. Via InduCult2.0, OCRG intends to introduce the theme of Industrial Culture as an additional, synergetic impulse to the voivodship’s smart specialization strategy, and to align the goals of the project with the Regional Innovation Strategy of Opolskie Voivodeship.

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Marcin Staniszewski (m.staniszewski@ocrg.opolskie.pl)