On the trail of urban green spaces in Zittau

On the city round trip on 3th of April 2019 12 participants discovered existing and potential green spaces of the inner city of Zittau/DE. They started their round walk on the central market place and successively viewed e.g. the so-called “Sinnesgarten” (garden of senses) and the green corridor along the former city walls. Zittau has got a number of fallow lands which are potential areas to “revegetate” the city. They can provide space for recreation and leisure or shape the ground for urban gardening projects. Larger not built-up plots are suitable for extensive meadow management to maintain resp. enrich biological diversity in the city. The round trip ended at the “Amaliengarten”, an already built-up urban gardening initiative managed by students of the University of Applied Sciences Zittau-Görlitz.

The participants talked about important services green spaces can provide for the inhabitants of Zittau. In this regard the MaGICLandscapes project staff members Henriette John and Sven Riedl spoke about the project aim to draw a strategy and action plan for enhancing green infrastructure in the tri-border area CZ-DE-PL. They also presented methods of how to assess the functions of green infrastructure which cover both ecological and socio-economic services urban green can provide for the people: space for recreation and leisure, fresh air, places for (environmental) education, access to food and resources and last but not least protection against weather extremes.

The MaGICLandscapes team thanks the organisators for the invitation. We are looking forward for further exchange and networking regarding green infrastructure enhancement in Zittau!

City round walk Zittau 1

Park and garden in the inner city

City round walk Zittau 2

Look into an overgrown yard

City round walk Zittau 3
Header photo: Andreas Keller/PIXELIO
Photos city round trip: Henriette John