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Maribor selected Idea Contest winners

Out of 19 entries, Maribor partners selected 4 winning ideas. 3 of them are cultural-touristic projects and will further popularize NewPilgrimAge, the Old Vine, St. Martin route, legends, and customs by interactive map applications and social media. Octopous-project won as a social innovative idea.

We pressed Saint Martin’s messages on T-shirts and bags
During Ars Sacra Festival, thanks to a fortune constellation of Mindspace, Inner City Parish Church and Verkstaden, we co-designed and hand-printed Saint Martin ‘statement’ T-shirts and bags.

Fairplay Café opened in Szombathely
A Fairplay Café selling African coffee has opened in Szombathely. Its serves as a public space, which aims to improve the quality of coexistence in society. The café is run by young people taking up their career and disadvantaged employees. Szombathely partner welcomes this café, as they promote St. Martin’s intangible heritage, like solidarity and humanity.

 The Director of the European St. Martin Cultural Route paid a courtessy call on NPA's Lead Partner

Latest researches in the field of cultural heritage

Maribor's reflection on the first year of NPA

Szombathely spreads the word in France

NewPilgrimAge at Mojstrana conference
ZRC SAZU, actively participated in the conference and presented the paper named Ways of transmission, interpretation and utilization of intangible cultural heritage among young people. ZRC SAZU talked about activities in NPA projects as well as some results of recently realized study, where they analysed how young people understand ICH, how they will safeguard and present it and if they know St. Martin’s heritage and his social values.

Communities’ Week 2018 Szombathely

Saint Martin and the fruit of a Social Support

Creation of Local Vision in Albenga

The Gallinara Island and sport

Piazza Sancti Martini – 24-26th of August 2018

In the footsteps of St. Martin – a legend and reality

Day of Europe in Dugo Selo

NPA was shown as a good example of participatory cultural heritage project

NewPilgrimAge at Sežana workshop
The aim of the workshop was to find out what youth at 17-18 years old understand under the concept of cultural heritage, how heritage is interpreted in different school subjects, how they will make heritage more attractive, and how they view St. Martin’s social values and use them in their lives.

Interview with Uroš Vidovič

Summary of the 2nd TEM

NewPilgrimAge at Interpret Europe conference
The Interpret Europe conference, titled Heritage and Identity, organised in Kőszeg, Hungary, was one of the activity organised in the European Year of Cultural Heritage.  The member of ZRC SAZU's team, Jasna Fakin Bajec, presented the paper titled Ways of interpreting Saint Martin’s heritage for more social unity and understanding among Europe’s citizens.

NewPilgrimAge at UNESCO’s workshop
A capacity-building workshop on Implementing the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage was held this January. One of the member of ZRC SAZU’S team, Jasna Fakin Bajec actively attended the workshop and find out many interesting facts, which are important also for the research work in the framework of the NewPilgrimAge project. Among many things the experts put special attention on the role of community in safeguarding process.

NewPilgrimAge at Nova Gorica press conference
ZRC SAZU presented the NPA projects, its main aims as well as a paper published in Izvestje 14, an article named  Via Santi Martini in Goriška and Kras region. The article presents the life of St. Martin, challenges of the project NPA, some findings from the first Transnational exchange meeting and how to arrange the Via Sancti Martini in the west part of Slovenia

European level benchmark study is available

Albenga and Saint Martin Day

Back to the future | Youtube videos have launched

First milestone reached | Local Stakeholder Platforms

The big change driver question

1st Transnational Exchange Meeting
 | Ljubljana 

Kick-off meeting | Szombathely