Nature Park Medvednica

Country: Croatia.
Established in: 1981.
Surface area: 18000 hectares.
Municipalities: : Zagreb County, Krapinsko – zagorska County and Zagrebačka.
Main features: forests, grasslands, mountain streams. A ski resort is located in the centre of the Park.

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Park Description:

The main features of the Nature Park Medvednica are forests of great biological value. Also, due to altitude variations as well as the presence of many streams and springs, this area is distinguished by other diverse habitats such as grasslands responsible for abundant flora and fauna. In the central part of the mountain there is an existing ski resort on which different kind of winter tourist facilities are in function since 1960.

Ski centre in Medvednica

Ski centre in Medvednica - Photo by Nature Park Medvednica

Furthermore, some new summer tourist facilities are planned to be installed in 3-5 years period (cycling –downhill, bob, adrenalin parks etc.). The area of Ski resort covers approximately 120 ha. It is also planned, with the aim of enhancing winter tourism activities, to extend the ski slopes and to provide a new snowmaking system. In order to determine whether the development of tourist activities is carried out in a sustainable manner and to provide assessments of the impacts on mountain forests and grasslands and related species, a continuous monitoring program for whole ski resort area is planned.

Tourists visiting cave

Tourists visiting cave - Photo by Nature Park Medvednica

CEETO Pilot Action Objectives:

The pilot aims to implement the tourism governance model inside the Nature Park Medvednica characterised by the proximity of the city of Zagreb. This causes constant and growing pressures from the inhabitants and th urbanisation, and a growing number of visitors of Zagreb. The need to find innovative soltuions.