Success of Mobility Management Webinar 03.06.2020

How can public transport assist companies to develop mobility management measures? 

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Materials for Download:

1. Agenda

Transnational Workshop webinar agenda

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2. Show your symbolic commitment to low-carbon mobility!

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4. Presentation Slides

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5. Watch the webinar!

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  • COMING SOON! Will be available on 05 June 2020. Why not check out our previous webinars in the meantime!

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This webinar series is being run as part of the LOW-CARB Follower City Program. A structured a programme of trainings, pilot launches, and webinars to help boost cities’ awareness, knowledge, and expertise of low carbon mobility (especially in the Central European context). Please join our follower cities in thought-provoking and hands-on trainings and events that apply the teachings of LOW CARB’s lessons.  
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