New Institute is interested in creating a Workplace Mobility Plan

Budapest (Hungary), 23. January 2019

Hungarian partner Budapest Universty of Techology and Economics organized on the 23rd of January 2019 a meeting with KTI Institute for Transport Sciences. KTI is interested in creating workplace mobility plans and applying new tools.

During the meeting the MoveCit project was presented, mostly focusing on the general aims, the benefits for the employees and employer, the steps of the method, example measures, workplace mobility plan example, campaign action and pilot.


We highlighted cycling, walking, public transport, car and strategic measures, which can be used at the specific institution. Furthermore an example for the workplace mobility plan and its measures were discussed, which was followed by a presentation of the campaign action at BME including joint workshop, bike to workplace campaign, walking maps, sustainability day, take-a-bike-home program and biking campaign video.

The online tool for commuting was presented in details for the 12 participants, who were informed about the parameter settings, the way of usage of the tool, the potential results and the visualization opportunities.


The discussion was mainly about the commuting habits of the employees, especially car-pooling options and teleworking. The participants were interested to apply the online tool. The employees of KTI have received detailed information about the usage of the online tool, so they had the chance to try its functions in a practical environment.

Furthermore KTI was interested in creating a workplace mobility plan in the near future. Therefore the process was discussed and further steps towards the realization were set.