Integrating public infrastructures and end-users through common platform (single entry point)

Thematic field: GOVE – Government and public sector


The pilot of Maribor is in the field of integrating public infrastructures and end-users through common platform. The aim of the pilot is to engage end users (citizens) in improvement of services of public companies, which they offer to citizens. 

In pilot we will implement and evaluate participatory methods in urban innovation processes. Consequently, we will test different participation methods, as we would like to use the innovation potential of the citizens for improving the services of public companies.

Focus of pilot action in Maribor, where we will experiment the use of participatory methods, will be on:

  • Testing the existing services of public companies, in particular test the acceptance and potentials of existing services by citizens.
  • Use a range of different channels for testing the services, i.e. via the use of existing social media platforms, targeted interview with different groups, contextual interviews and local crowdsourcing platform.
  • Use existing success stories for promotional and analysis purposes, in particular when cooperating with public companies, citizens and NGOs.
  • Use participatory methods to develop smart service (common platform, single entry point) according to the needs of citizens.
  •  Involve different target groups (students, university staff…) to enhance the urban innovation process.


Four groups of stakeholders/end-users were defined to be actively involved in pilot project implementation process:

  • Public companies providing public services in the urban region of Maribor (water supply, district heating, public transport, waste management)
  • NGOs representing citizens interests or promoting citizen participation
  • Citizens of Maribor
  • R&D organisations and/or private business (providers of technical solutions, moderators)



The following types of associations are potential supporters to pilot activities:

  • Organisations promoting Electronic Participation and development of inclusive society
  • Organisations promoting social responsibility
  • Faculties and other educational institutions
  • Organisations promoting co-operation and development of NGOs



Selected target groups for the implementation of the pilot are:

  • Pilot citizens target group

    • Citizens of Maribor of all ages (first feedback during the process of developing the pilot).
    • Non-governmental Organizations or associations of citizens representing citizen’s interests or promoting citizen participation interested in digital participation.

  • Pilot businesses target group

    • ICT developers (being aware of current possibilities and limitations of ICT during the process)
    • Workshop moderators (gathering experiences by using different participatory methods and ICT to develop tailor-made solutions for citizens of Maribor)

  • Pilot stakeholder group

    • Public companies of Municipality of Maribor providing public services in the urban region of Maribor (water supply, district heating, public transport, waste management)
    • Municipality of Maribor
    • E-Zavod
    • Smart City Maribor Initiative
    • Research & Development and Educational organizations.


  • M1 Pilot preparation finalized: Pilot design and roadmap as well as citizens engagement are ready.
  • M2 Pilot participatory activities finalized: All pilot-related workshops are completed.
  • M3 Single entry point (technical solution) finalized: Finalized technical solution by ICT developers who are aware of current possibilities and limitations of ICT during the process in order to develop a technical solution, which will be developed and implemented as a smart service.
  • M4 Pilot evaluation finalized: Evaluation of the pilot according to the evaluation methodology provided is completed.
  • M5 Finalization of cross-pilot experiences: Experience exchange between the different pilots of Urban Inno is completed.

Smart City Maribor

   Header photo by Marko Petrej


 Workshop with public service providers