Mantova - Project Title

Deployment of a Web-GIS Platform for the integrated monitoring of changes and modifications in a HBA.

In Mantua city, the pilot action concerns the Urban Regeneration. According to the regional law, the concept of Urban Regeneration is declined as a coordinated set of urban, building, environmental and socio-economic interventions aimed to reduce the degradation of specific urban areas.



  • at the technical level, the goal is to identify and monitor the areas to be regenerated
  • at the strategic level, the goal is to define the actions to be taken by putting in relation the characteristics of the areas with their states of degradation.


  • the citizens, the organizations and associations that will use the platform to report situations of deterioration. The reporting will be made through the compilation of a form, which will populate the GIS database in order to better understand the different levels of perceived degradation.
  • the local government officials who will process the data and report the results.


  • some date are already available and constantly updated and monitorated, as for example public and private property, or public lighting
  • some other data are to be collected from scratch like ground floor usage, or buildings predominant usage, or the state of conservations of facades overlooking public space
  • finally data about degradation are collected from a specific form which will be submitted by the users I introduced before; we are working on a draft form: It’s very important that it will be structured and targeted to provide the best and accurate feedback on the degradation of the HBAs.


After the first successful results of this process, by evaluating the response by the involved people, the amount and quality of collected data, and the capacity about suggesting precise solutions, one natural evolution will be to extend it to other municipal areas, and also to apply the crowdsourcing solution to different themes, as for example, the public spaces accessibility.