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The presentation of the first Italian good practices in the subject of culture and heritage.

WeTour Guide was founded in 2013 from the initiative of a group of qualified guides with the aim of working in synergy to offer a wide and quality range of services for the promotion of the Veneto region. The main purpose is to acquaint visitors with its history, art, culture, curiosities and traditions in order to make their stay unforgettable. We Tour’s work philosophy is based on involving tourists as much as possible through dynamism and creativity.


WeTour services are addressed to groups of adults and young people, schools, individual tourists and families by offering traditional, educational and customized itineraries, depending on the needs. We Tour offers guided itineraries through the most beautiful cities of the region:Venice, Vicenza, Padua, Verona and Treviso and their famous villas;food and wine itineraries which allow you to discover the most tasty part of the local culture, traditionally characterized by culinary excellence; pleasant occasions to visit little stores and artisanal shops to allow the visitors to get to the heart of the making process by observing the techniques, exploring the materials and participating in the creation of a productbetween tradition and continuous innovation. The services are carried out in Italian, English, Spanish, French.

WeTour Guide

Wetour Guide offers tourist services throughout the Veneto region by qualified guides in the main European languages. Alongside the offer of classic itineraries, WeTour Guide operators are specialized in the creation of:

• cultural events, in collaboration with institutions and associations;

• thematic routes for groups (families, students, companies, cultural associations);

• educational-emotional activities for schools;

• area promotion projects in collaboration with historical production and commercial companies operating in the jewelery, artistic glassware, weaving and food and wine products sectors.