Two Interreg project share knowlegde in Vienna

On 21st of February 2019 MaGICLandscapes partner the University of Vienna met partners from the Interreg Alpine Space Project LOS_DAMA!.

Hosted by the City of Vienna, Christina Stockinger, MA18 Urban Development and Urban Planning, also Matthias Lampert from the City of Munich, Department of Urban Planning, and Florian Danzinger from University of Vienna, Division of Conservation Biology, Vegetation Ecology and Landscape Ecology, took part in the meeting to exchange knowledge regarding Green Infrastructure (GI) assessment, common features and differences in the objectives and approaches of the two projects.

Both projects have different but complementary views on the needs and benefits GI can provide. While LOS_DAMA! partners are more concerned with (urban) planning needs - nearly half of the partnership are represented by cities - MaGICLandscapes partners integrate urban and rural GI assessing their functionality as habitats for plant and animal species AND their benefits for society and the economy. 
The LOS_DAMA! partners work mainly in the planning field whilst the MaGICLandscapes partner consortium is characterised by protected area administrations, environmental planners and landscapes ecologists which inherently results in differing views on GI. 

Green infrastructure requires assessment approaches which depend greatly in the information required from the assessment and the spatial context. In this respect such knowledge exchange between transnational projects is both necessary and welcome.

Thank you to the LOS_DAMA! partners and we’re looking forward to further knowledge exchange. 


Knowledge exchange between LOS_DAMA! and MaGICLandscapes partners in Vienna

Link to LOS_DAMA! Website