One of the first action of the City Water Circles project is the icebreaking campaign, harmonized and running parallel in the functional urban areas of the project.

The campain has twin aims: it brings in focus the necessity of new ways in urban water management and it helps the public perception survey on the water useage and attitudes of the local citizens. 

The campaigns are running from the Autumn of 2019 to the first months of 2020. Articles, games, local events, social media posts are parts of the dissemination activities.  

Budapest: front runner in the campaign

The campaign in Budapest has been started in October and it is mainly focusing on the citizens of Budapest and the surrounding settlements. Beyond the online survey the locals can fill in the questionnaire on paper as well, as local public institutes like libraries, cultural centres and kindergardens in the territory of Zugló Municipality are involved in the process. 
The 10 minutes long online questionnaire inquiries about the everyday water use of the people the knowledge and attitude about innovative and sustainable technologies in water management like planting of green roofs, reuse of grey water or collection and use of rainwater in urban environment. The survey also asks the responders how they feel about the effects of climate change like long drought periods, heavy rains and fast floods, overloaded sewage infrastructure and raising average temperature parallel with decreasing green areas in cities. 

The outcomes of the survey will be analysed promoted locally by the project partners and first in the region a co-analysis between the partner countries will be elaborated by the work package lead partner, Poliedra. 
The campaign in Budapest also supports the awareness raising in the topic. Good examples, solution-oriented and easy to understand articles and social media posts provide information for the local citizens about the smart management of one of the most important natural resource: water.