Airports are assets and transnational transport gateways for citizens. The magnitude and growing trend of air traffic (10 percent per year in the EU) requires actions for the landside accessibility of functional urban areas (FUAs) to airports.  LAirA (Landside Airport Accessibility) addresses the multimodal, smart and low carbon mobility integration of airports in the mobility systems of functional urban areas. The project aims to reduce energy use and environmental impacts of transport activities by changing mobility behaviours of airport passengers and employees and by creating novel strategies in low carbon mobility planning for local authorities.

It targets the 56 million passengers and 39 000 employees of the airport systems in Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw, Milano, Stuttgart, Dubrovnik and Poznan. LAirA focuses in particular on building capacities of local and regional authorities and airports, to jointly plan and implement low carbon mobility solutions in a transnational and comprehensive approach which integrates seven key thematic areas: electric mobility, air-rail links, walking and cycling, shared mobility, information technology systems, wayfinding and road public transport. LAirA is a 30-months project (May 2017 – October 2019).

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 LAirA action plans

LAirA defines in a transnational policy learning dialogue the action plans for low carbon mobility of airport passenger and employees, taking into consideration multiple types of interventions (the seven LAirA thematic areas) not only related to public transport (competence of authorities), but also to further integrate other low carbon mobility solutions (e.g. e-mobility, car sharing). Strategies for low carbon integration of airports in Functional Urban Areas are defined in a governance process involving airports, authorities, agencies, transport providers, associations & nodes.

In its efforts to enhance the capacities of local and regional authorities, the LAirA  project delivers knowledge through several transnational action plans related to multimodal, smart and low carbon airport access. You can check below the LAirA action plans:
Air-Rail Link – This thematic report focuses on action plans from project partners to introduce Air-Rail Links as part of the wider LAirA initiative

Landside Accessibility to airports: international best practice report – This study aims to improve landside mobility planning for airports

Wayfinding at Airports – This report considers the global best practice examples of wayfinding at airports to set out how signage and other wayfinding mediums are used to guide passengers through airports.

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