Webinar: LAirA project shares best practices

Best practices for reducing CO2 emissions in landside access to airports

This webinar was hosted by Airport Regions Conference, with the participation of Municipality of 18th District Budapest and SEA Milan Airports

Watch the webinar on youtube!

LAirA project addresses the multimodal, smart and low carbon mobility integration of airports in the mobility systems of urban areas. Its objective is to reduce the energy use and the CO2 emissions produced by transport activities in airports and hinterlands by changing the mobility behaviours of airport passengers and employees. To reinforce green mobility, LAirA explores seven key mobility alternatives: electric mobility, air-rail links, soft mobility (walking and cycling), shared mobility (carpooling and car sharing), intelligent transport systems (e.g. applications), wayfinding, and road based public transport. 

During the webinar, several mobility experts provided insights on innovative strategies meant to implement green mobility in landside access to airports. This was an interactive webinar, therefore participants had the opportunity to directly engage with the speakers. 


– LAirA project at a glance - Gábor Csaba Soóki-Tóth, Thematic Expert, Municipality of 18th District Budapest, Lead Partner of LAirA Project 

 – Landside accessibility to airports: International Best Practice Report – John Geelan, Principal Consultant, Steer for SEA Milan Airports, Thematic leader in LAirA Project 

 – Concluding Remarks – Airport Regions Conference & Municipality of 18th District Budapest 

Watch the webinar on youtube!