Transnational learning meeting on action plans for low carbon mobility in airport FUAs

28-29 May, Stuttgart, Germany

Between 28 and 29 May, the first transnational learning meeting of the LAirA project will be held in Stuttgart. This meeting will bring together the LAirA consortium to review their work on the action plans for low carbon mobility in airport functional urban areas (FUAs). 

The action plans are closely related to the LAirA's specific objective to improve capacities for mobility planning in FUAs and to lower CO2 emissions. Seven key thematic areas are at the core of the action plans: electric mobility, air-rail links, walking & cycling (soft mobility), shared mobility, intelligent transport systems, wayfinding and road public transport. All these themes will be discussed in-depth with the purpose of setting up the steps to be taken and the timeline to be followed towards planning low carbon mobility services and changing behaviour of targeted stakeholders.