Innovative Urban Food System – digital market of agricultural products and the innovation of subsidiary processes

Thematic field: AGRI - Agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food


The proposed pilot project will lead to the development of an electronic marketplace enabling citizens, restaurants, canteens and other customers in the city of Košice to buy agricultural products directly from local farmers of various size – from single individuals and families to large producers - from surrounding rural areas. The pilot activities moreover cover, mainly ICT enabled, innovation of other subsidiary processes connected to this economic activity like the delivery and logistics, quality and safety controls, distributed digital payments and communication with public authorities due to legislative obligations. Moreover, thanks to digitalization of processes, we will be able to collect data in the field, which will be open, provided for reporting, statistics and research purpose to wide public.

This electronic platform will also serve as an effective electronic tool for communication among stakeholders of urban ecosystem, including all members of quadruple helix being formed within the URBAN INNO project.

URBAN INNO pilot activities are the cornerstone of the agricultural rebirth in the Košice region of several stakeholders aiming to restore the farming tradition and the vital connection between dwellers and the land. At the end the increase of food sovereignty, the shorter supply chains and transport distances (less CO2 emissions) are expected. Moreover, in longer term, the restart of rural production might also enable the creation of new jobs at the rural areas with positive impact on income depolarization (urban vs. rural population) as increase of local agricultural production positively influences other important sectors like logistics, packaging, machinery, but also marketing and retail.


Technical University of Kosice 

Kosice Self-Governing Region 

European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Via Carpatia 

Foundation 858

Gemer Craftsmen Association


Within each step of the pilot project, from first phase of design, through development, implementation and testing, the citizens will get the opportunity to be involved and present their ideas and feedback.

The opinions of public will be gathered thanks cooperation with civil associations and non-profit organisations operating in the region, like e.g. Foundation 858 and Gemer Craftsmen Association.

Moreover, thanks to adoption of participatory methods, the citizens will have the opportunity of involvement, as personally as well as through online channels especially developed for communication of government, research and development institutions, industry and citizens, as all of them together create the unique region.


  • Citizens, NGO and Citizen Associations
  • Food producers – farmers
  • Government organisations focusing on regional development
  • Public administration offices responsible for control of food production and distribution
  • Hotels, restaurants, canteens…
  • Grocery stores focusing on local food products


  • 09/2016 – 08/2017 Pilot design
  • 09/2017 – 03/2018 Development of platform
  • 04/2018 – 11/2018 Testing
  • 11/2018 Pilot platform in the final version

TUKE-Kosice Agro-complexity