Smart City tool for managing organisations networks, boosting innovation and development

Thematic fields: GOVE - Government and public sector, SOCI - Population and society, TECH - Science and Technology    


The main topic of the pilot is engagement of SMEs. In order to achieve that a new smart e-tool will be created based on core team and KTP tenants analysis. The pilot activities will cover KTP tenants – over 70 entities. The results will give a significant feedback and will help to replicate & adapt the tool in other organisation with several members such us:

  • Incubators
  • Employers organisations
  • NGO networks
  • Public organizations with several units
  • Chambers
  • Clusters
  • Other.

    The stakeholders demonstrate their needs:

  • To meet barriers that SMEs face
  • Information about troubles, needs
  • Active participation in meetings
  • Participation as a partner (work / directions)
  • R & D (co-operation of other entities, sustainability)
  • Information (surveys, surveys) how the market is changing / trends
  • Acquiring information from different groups - what would make life easier in the city
  • City database of companies in the city (how to identify, how to reach SMEs, companies with their offer)
  • Feedback for information sent to members of their organizations (information often treated as spam).


  • KTP tenants – over 70 companies located in Kielce Technology Park, supported by public infrastructure and services.
  • Municipality of Kielce - is a city in south central Poland with around 200.000 inhabitants, capital and the biggest city of the region. Has several organisational units (like KTP).


  • Citizens are involved in every company or NGO that operates at Kielce Technology Park. Their services are also aimed at citizens. In this way local citizens can be indirectly engaged in the project pilot.
  • We will use participatory methods already checked and existing within City administration, such as participatory portal, which gives a possibility to open a ‘public consultations’ and voting panel within mentioned portal, also available on social media such as Facebook.
  •  Solutions proposed by pilot will be also discussed with target group via on-line surveys, short on-line questionnaires as well first version of platform will be tested by representative group of Kielce Technology Park companies, which will give the feedback.


KPT tenants represent the following branches:

  • Construction
  • Chemical-cosmetic
  • Energy/Renewable energy
  • ICT
  • Other
  • Advertisement
  • Design and construction of Machines
  • Business services.


  • Milestone no 1: Pilot preparation phase (elaboration of deliverables)
  • Milestone no 2: Preparation of testing version of Pilot ready to be tested
  • Milestone no 3: Final improvement of tested version after feedback from target groups
  • Milestone no 4: Organization of events related to pilot, engaging pilot target group 
  • Milestone no 5: Analysis of results of pilot
  • Milestone no 6: Evaluation of pilot
  • Milestone no 7: Cross-pilot experiences. Participation in transnational exchange of knowledge and experiences between project partners.


    Kielce Technology Park


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