Inspire Yourself With Tradition & Design Your Business

October 2020


The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (Faculty of Economics and Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art) is organizing the workshop cycle "Inspire yourself with tradition & Design your business". The workshop cycle is in the Czech language. The workshops are designed as a comprehensive package, it is recommended to participate gradually. It is also possible to attend only some at your discretion. The package will gradually introduce historical inspiration to the design for the current (or future) user. It is inspired by the collection of historical porcelain, which the Secondary Industrial School of Ceramics and Glass in Karlovy Vary received from its patrons when it was founded, and which the school further expanded in the following years.

Especially in the beginning, the collection served as an educational and inspirational function. It worked like a gold standard - it provided students with good practice examples. At present, its representative part is exhibited in the Art Gallery in the summer house in Ostrov nad Ohří. The project will culminate in an exhibition of workshop results together with a historical collection at the Art Gallery in the Summer Palace in Ostrov nad Ohří in the autumn of 2021.

Before participating in one of the workshops or all workshops, participants are encouraged to attend an introductory lecture to the design workshop. This lecture will introduce the ceramics industry, workshops, and the CerDee project. Participants can choose the lecture in a place that suits them.

1. Design thinking workshop, 11–16 October 2020
It is an online intensive workshop focused on design thinking. Participants will learn simple and proven tools that help the designer understand the needs of users and clients, define good assignments, discover and specially select ideas, and decide which of the ideas are worth prototyping and implementing. By understanding the whole design process, participants will also be able to deal better with their clients and customers. The workshop will take place online. The capacity of the workshop is 15 people.

2. Craft workshop, 8–2 February 2021
This craft workshop will discuss the implementation of functional prototypes in the material. Attendance at the workshop presupposes participation in an introductory lecture. The workshop will take place in the ceramic studio at the Faculty of Design and Art of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The capacity of the workshop is 10 people.

3. Business thinking workshop, 21-26 March 2021
The workshop is intended for those who are preparing for their professional practice (or have already entered it) as freelancers, partners in a small studio, or entrepreneurs. We will show the "invisible side of design" - how to prepare a good design project assignment, how to estimate time and schedule work, how to price a project, and prepare an offer for a client. This is a necessary foundation for a designer. We will try to design a business model, business plan, and pricing of our products and we will also learn to calculate a little what we need for business. The workshop will take place in Karlovy Vary, the location will be further specified. The capacity of the workshop is 15 people.