Ket InfoDays - Croatia

Ketgate Info Days have been organised in the frame of three regional events- Food Tech 2018 held in Novi Sad, Serbia 23rd-25th October 2018- 4th International Congress ‘’Food Quality, Technology and Safety and 18th International Symposium ‘’Feed Technology’’, Be the Role Model/Inova 2018 held in Zagreb, 14th-17th November 2018- a traditional national exhibition of inventions, the largest exhibition of inventions in this part of Europe and during the Eit Food Awareness Day held in Osijek on 28th November 2018 – info day for the programme of Eit Food, a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) in food sector of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

Twenty consultations have been conducted during these events, fifteen with the SMEs and additional five with the RTOs interested in involving in the KETGATE project. Many companies have found out possibilities and advantages of approaching the KETGATE network and connecting to organisations across Europe.