Project in a nutshell

The project partnership establishes the idea of Living Industrial Culture in Central Europe and reveals, strengthens and utilizes the unique cultural spirit of industrial regions.  They jointly set out to discover their industry-based culture for positioning themselves as appealing places for work, life and recreation. Past, present and future cultural assets related to industry are used as one powerful force. Industrial Culture becomes a dynamic concept mirroring earlier and ongoing transformations of industrial economy and actively shaping the cultural sphere of the affected communities.

Learn more about how we establish and promote the concept of Industrial Culture  

Learn more about how we prime Industrial Culture as a unique feature of regional identity 

Learn more about how we deploy Industrial Culture for securing labour force 

Learn more about how we foster creativity and innovation 

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InduCult2.0: Workshop Forging Industrial Culture

29 September, Chemnitz


Test your forging skills and 3D talents and create your very personal leaf together with our blacksmith!

Share your story and impressions of the industrial past, present and future of this beautiful region, and let your leaf become part of an impressive artwork shaped like a tree. Branches will be produced in Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium and Germany. 

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5th Partnership Meeting

15-17 October, Sisak (Croatia) & Kranj (Slovenia)

The Partnership meets for the last time before the final event in April 2019.  It will be an interesting programme where partners have the chance to present and discuss the first implementation results.


15 October 2018 - Sisak

10.00-12.30 : Pre-meeting Study Tour "Visiting company applied Ceramics and entrepreneurial incubator PISAK"
13.00-14.00: Lunch 
14.00-14.30: Welcoming

14.30-16.00: Progress Communication

  • Travelling caravan
  • National dissemination events
  • Preparing final conference
  • Movie on Industrial Culture
  • Transnational Argumentation Brochure
16.00-16.30: Break

16.30-18.00: Progress WP T1

  • Regional strategies / final action plans
  • Transnational strategy discussion
  • Preparing CE network of coordinators
  • Mapping Tool (T2)

16 October 2018 (Sisak)

9.00-10.00: Parallel work group sessions T2 / T3 / T4

10.15-13.15: Carousel (partners presenting selected T2-T4 results in parallel sessions)

13.15-14.30: Lunch
14.30-16.30: Partner coordinators: 5th Steering Committeee meeting
14.30-16.30: Other participants: study/city tour offer
17.00-20.00: Transfer to Kranj (Slovenia)

17 October 2018 (Kranj)

09.00-17.00: Postmeeting study tour offer "Elan factory + Creative hub in Skofja Loka and Ladmark of shoe industry Trzic
19.00: Farewell dinner

Project Partners

 8 long-standing industrial regions team up with 2 academic institutions.

*Stebo is located in Belgium (for contact details see communication management)

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Work packages




Start Date

1 june 2016

End Date

31 may 2019