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The project partnership has established the idea of Living Industrial Culture in Central Europe and revealed, strengthened and utilized the unique cultural spirit of industrial regions.  They jointly set out to discover their industry-based culture for positioning themselves as appealing places for work, life and recreation. Past, present and future cultural assets related to industry have been used as one powerful force. Industrial Culture has become a dynamic concept mirroring earlier and ongoing transformations of industrial economy and actively shaping the cultural sphere of the affected communities.



Work Package 1

ESTABLISHING and promoting the concept

The work package focused on the novelty of Industrial Culture itself. Scientific work has outlined its fundaments. Transnational and regional stakeholder involvements have led to the development of valuable strategic reccomendations as can be found in the ‘Transnational Strategy Brochure’.

The strategy will be further promoted by a CE network on Industrial Culture, with coordinators present in each of the participating regions. The network will continue its cooperation beyond the project run-time, aiming at further enhancing acknowledgement of Industrial Culture as a central societal root in Central Europe.

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Project Partners

 8 long-standing industrial regions team up with 2 academic institutions.

*Stebo is located in Belgium (for contact details see communication management)

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Start Date

1 june 2016

End Date

31 may 2019